CLIENT: Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta

Santa Marta (Colombia)

The pre-feasibility study for building the railway accesses to the Port of Santa Marta and the railway bypass for the Quebrada del Doctor – Mamatoco section (17.5 km) consists of the re-activation of a goods transport link by rail to and from the maritime terminal in the Port of Santa Marta to encourage the transport of coal for unloading, stockpiling and loading ships. The study of the accesses to the Port of Santa Marta also includes the analysis of the permeability of the Santa Marta districts and the identification of the critical points on the current Mamatoco to Port of Santa Marta railway section.

Considering the city’s double vocation – tourism and the port – Santa Marta requires an infrastructure development that harmonises the activities of the two productive sectors. The Port of Santa Marta thus seeks the re-activation of the railway linkto increase the competitiveness of Columbian international trade through goods transport by train.