Barcelona (Spain)

The new Marina del Prat Vermell district, promoted by the modification to the Barcelona City Council general metropolitan plan, defines la transformation of the industrial land in the Marina del Prat Vermell in a progressive process over time that allows the temporary co-existence of new residential uses and economic activity, the current activities with the buildings that the project will conserve in later development.
The landscaping proposals are linked to the principle of sustainability to create a habitable district with a policy of use, energy management and respect for the environment.
The landscaping includes the implementation of dense systems of utilities – water, gas, electricity, lighting, telecommunications, irrigation, sewerage, sustainable drainage and pneumatic organic rubbish collection and reserves space for the installation of the heating and cooling system.
A sustainable drainage system (SUDS) is planned to collect rain water from the paved surfaces and roofs to an infiltration point under the green spaces instead of discharging it directly to the single sewerage system.
The Special Infrastructures Plan includes the implementation of streets, public transport, landscaping of streets and green areas as well as the deployment of all the utilities for the new district in which the construction of almost 11,000 new homes is planned.