Barcelona (Spain)

Esteyco developed the projects for the underground structure and the rehabilitation and consolidation of the Sant Antoni Market heritage building and undertook the project management and health and safety coordination for the works.
In 2007, the Instituto Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona started the works to reform the Sant Antoni Market, which dates from 1882. The main objective is to maintain the traditional market use and to give it new uses and services that complement its activity with an investment of nearly €90 million. The reform is divided into two large actions:
– The rehabilitation of the historic building, maintaining its original appearance and uses but adapting them to the needs and demands of current users.
– The enlargement of the building to house a shopping area in addition to the existing market as well as generating a logistics area and a car park for customers. These new needs are solved with the building of four underground floors occupying the entire block under the level of the existing market. The -1 floor is used for a shopping area. The -3 floor contains the loading and unloading areas and stores for the market while the -2 and -4 floors are car parks. A total of 40,000 m2 of new built area was generated.
During the excavation of the basements, an old medieval wall and a branch of the Roman Via Augusta were found. These archaeological remains have been maintained and integrated into the new market structure, for which both elements required propping- the wall with a steel structure and the road with the sinking of tubes to support both on micro piles.
The opening of the new market is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.