Bilbao (Spain)

The solution proposed to resolve the continuity of the urban section consists of creating a large park on the hillside that serves as the support for all the elements for communication between the various points of the area, allowing pedestrian movement by creating paths, raised walkways, ramps and stairs. The proposal had to allow access without architectural barriers between the various streets and make the solution compatible with a complementary access to the three levels of underground car park below the Avenida del Ferrocarril.
This project develops the solution for the connection between the Calle Padura and the Avenida del Ferrocarril with the construction of a vertical communication core consisting of two lifts for the independent use of the car park and pedestrians and connected in the Calle Padura with a pedestrian walkway three metres wide. The core is located on the space reserved for an emergency exit from the car park, supported on concrete walls that form the shaft. It was necessary to make the two lifts independent by building two concrete towers separated by the walkway and supporting it. The lower tower, 14 m high, includes a lift connecting Padura and the car park. The higher one, 22 m, protrudes over Padura as the special element of relationship between the high part of Irala and the area of Ametzola.
The two towers, the walkway and the car park exit building form a single element built concrete and coloured glass located in a strategic point at the end of the avenue and with the future Irala park as the backdrop.