Barcelona (Spain)

The transformation of the activity of the old Casernas de Sant Andreu allowed the incorporation of two important areas of 5 and 6 ha into the city. The modification of the General Metropolitan Plan for Casernes de Sant Andreu in Sector III of the Sant Andreu-Sagrera MPGM allows the future integration of the land within its own environment and that of the city, the definition and delimiting of parts for residential use, equipment and free spaces.
Two systems of public spaces are proposed for these 11 ha that continue the urban structure of the district. To the west, a large park that continues the pedestrian routes in the section and that is enclosed by the library and the homes for the aged and for students. To the east, an avenue of equipment for the district. In the middle, the residential and commercial area concentrated on the Torres i Bages promenade, configured as a powerful line of buildings relating the public scale of Sant Andreu i la Trinitat. This line, with porch and businesses on the ground floor and homes on four storeys, allows transverse flows to the equipment and public spaces on the sides. Residential blocks are mixed in with the public equipment in longitudinal bands following the lines of the existing trees.
The project is developed from the Criterios document written by the architect Solà-Morales.