Gran Canaria (Spain)

The economic future of the locality of La Aldea and its area is in a fundamental strategic moment in which actions must be undertaken focused on a balanced, ecological and sustainable tourism development with high landscape and environmental quality.
In this context, the proposal was made to re-arrange the La Punta property to convert an agricultural site into a first level hotel complex that is a milepost and engine for the expansion of the tourism development of the locality.
The construction of the Agaete – La Aldea motorway will favour vehicle access to the area and the development of a high quality and low density tourism model integrated into an agricultural and natural area of great environmental value as is the magnificent landscape of the Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino valley.
Because of this, the bases of the new tourism model enhance the sustainability of the land, the architecture and the energy. On the one hand, the natural conditions and topography of the land are respected, restoring the landscape values and local plant life. On the other, local materials are re-used for the building and an eco-efficient energy system is experimented with, designed to serve as an example to be adopted in the rest of the island.
The objective of the proposal to develop a resort for active tourism, sport and health must be the implementation of a hotel complex with a capacity for some 1,800 beds (900 rooms) on a property of some 106 ha divided into three types of accommodation – hotel, apartments and villas.