DONES-NEXT is an ambitious industrial research project of 27-month length.

Its general objective is to acquire new knowledge and key skills to carry out successfully the design, construction, installation, and maintenance of the Test Cell in the IFMIF-DONES facility.
To respond to this objective, the consortium has identified a series of critical needs, which constitute the specific objectives of the project:

Objective i) Increase the precision and the positioning time of the active system by remote control for the installation and maintenance of the extractable elements of the Test Cell.
Objective ii) Reduce and adjust manufacturing tolerances for stainless steel coatings exposed to welding.
Objective iii) Determine the most appropriate manufacturing technologies to build the TC liner and removable armor blocks. Build a prototype to validate them.
Objective iv) Reduce the gap between the removable armor blocks.
Objective v) Experimental results and advanced numerical models to justify and validate the heat extraction capacity of different cooling systems on stainless steel lining. Concrete is considered for removable shielding blocks, not applicable to TC liner though.
Objective vi) Study of new dosages of concrete that allow improving its thermal conductivity.

The DONES-NEXT project consortium is made up of three Spanish companies – ESTEYCO, CADINOX and NIPROMA -, leaders in their fields and experienced in unique environments that require unconventional solutions as the IFMIF-DONES scientific facility – and specifically the Test Cell – is.
This collaboration will allow these partners and the Spanish industry, to acquire a privileged position for the following design and construction phases of the IFMIF-DONES.

This project begins on 10/1/2020, It has been granted (€1,941M) by the CDTI within the framework of the 2021 Science and Innovation Missions program, supported by the Science and Innovation Ministry.

Images courtesy of IFMIF-DONES