Thanks to the program EEA GRANTS, ESTEYCO has carried out the development of a partially precast foundation using braced foundations (Jabalcones). This is an innovative technology which has already been validated, certified and tested successfully.

This concept uses the extensive experience of ESTEYCO in the design of conventional foundations and precast concrete towers for wind turbines. The result is an optimised foundation that combines the sturdiness and efficiency of precast concrete elements for gravity based foundations design. At the same time, it means a 40-50% effective reduction on concrete and steel measuring and a 25-40% cost reduction.

Consequently, this concept avoids the use of large amounts of concrete -used in standard foundations. At the same time, it reduces the construction time since braced foundations are made up of precast concrete. This means that on site concreting should only be made on the slabs and the central ring.

These reductions both on material and construction time result in wind turbine installation cost reduction. This naturally results in CoE reductions for the whole wind farm and, at the same time, it increases its competitiveness when compared to other energy sources.

Furthermore, the decreasing amount of concrete used for foundation has enabled to increase the hub height up to 5 meters, which results in a significant increase of annual energy production.

The foundation proposed can be applied both to the surface gravity based foundations and deep foundations. Moreover, its capability of adaptation to diverse geotechnical surroundings with different mechanical properties in their ground and which require different foundations is clearly demonstrated.

At last but not least, this new foundation will mean a higher industrialization degree for the sector, since it makes possible to achieve a ratio of construction of 3 foundations per week in an only line of production.