Reus (Spain)

The station, on the Tarragona-Reus section of line RT1 of the Catalan suburban system, is located between the URV Rectory and the roundabout on the Avenida Josep Pla in a space available for equipment according to the planning. The station building and the location of the platforms matches the topography to optimise the functional scheme, facilitating movement between platforms and the accesses.
As part of the interior of the university campus, it is accessible for restricted hours only. The station, the lobby and the main services are on the city side on an urban space with good accessibility and inter-modal possibilities. The recent landscaping of this sector of the city has left all the roads and pavements finished, allowing easy access to the future station. A bicycle lane was built recently on the city side running along the western limit of the railway corridor.
The presence of a roundabout qualifies and facilitates the understanding of the station’s surroundings as a possible inter-modal node.
The layout of the roads opposite the station allows spaces to be reserved for complementary transport systems – buses and inter-urban services, taxis, electric vehicles and sustainable mobility.
The building is designed as a services volume with a light roof forming the station’s open lobby. The building does not interrupt the longitudinal view of the railway platform to create the sensation of clarity and ease of use and the external space is integrated into the city.