This project emerges as the culmination of a demanding but exciting development process of the projects ELISA / ELICAN. These projects are referred to offshore wind towers, particularly to a gravity based foundation technology (Gravity Based System-GBS) self-buoyant in its marine transportation, together with a telescopic tower, both made up of concrete.

In this sense, this project exemplifies an improvement in gravity based foundations, developing a new technology which avoids completely the use of scarce and expensive marine means.

The technology is based on a Tyre Filled Nets (TFNs) system that when placed around the GBS avoids the erosion of the seabed, once the wind tower has been dragged to its final position. Furthermore, those nets are preassembled in the GBS, before leaving the harbor.

Furthermore, the combination of ESTEYCO’s extensive experience in the field of energy and precast concrete wind tower engineering, together with the experience of its associate in this project, NORFOLK MARINE, will provide the required ingredients to overtake the considerable technical difficulties the full development and experimental validation of this technology will mean.

The project includes all the required steps in order to complete the system development until its construction and assembly processes demonstration, validating thus the technology for its introduction in the market and late commercialization. In fact, the project will take advantage of the real scale prototype already set up in the mentioned projects ELISA / ELICAN as a mean for the experimental demonstration.