Seville (Spain)

The construction project for the foundations and structure was undertaken in close collaboration with the architects J Feduchi and A Lozano, the designers of the pavilion, and the works for this thematic pavilion dedicated to “Five Centuries of Discoveries” on the Isla de la Cartuja were co-directed.
The building’s configuration is a parallelpipe measuring 126 m by 66 m in plan and 25 m high, featuring a unique structure combining steel and composite elements. The structure is monolithic and expansion joints were avoided.
It is organised around pairs of porticos formed by three levels of pre-stressed Vierendeel beams with spans of 24 m that form an orthogonal framework. The structure’s modulation provides open spaces of 24 x 24 m containing the exhibition platforms the structural support of which consists of two orthogonal families of Vierendeel beams connected to a concrete slab. One of the modules houses the Omnimax theatre, built in consistency with the rest of the building with a structure of steel ribs defining a sphere covered with pre-cast concrete slabs 8 cm thick and clad with steel on the exterior.