Demonstration Prototype (EUROSTARS R&D Program)
Daganzo de Arriba (Madrid). Spain

ESTEYCO is pioneer in the  development of a new technology of telescopic tower for the wind energy market, which provides great advantages for both onshore and offshore sectors.

Within the  EUROSTARS R&D Program framework, this project was ranked #1 amongst more than 100 Wind Energy projects in Europe, having being granted a budget of roughly 1M USD. This budget allowed to build a 1:1 scale prototype, specifically built for testing and tuning the technology. ESTEYCO were involved in all the activities needed for the manufacturing and erection of the tower. All of them were certified by GL.

In this case, besides being telescopic, the substructure is hybrid (concrete and steel), providing an extra durability and scalability for any conditions.

For the onshore sector, this solution reduces the height of the lifting operations required to a maximum height of 40 m, reducing the crane cost, due to the possibility of using a telescopic boom crane> This is much cheaper and easy to install than a lattice crane.  with hub heights possible to over 160 m and allowing the turbine power to exceed 5 MW.

The prototype was made out of 2 concrete levels (each of them formed by 3 single panels) and a top steel level in order to test  the feasibility of a hybrid solution. The length of every level was designed around 15m and the cross section geometry at the tower base was the one that would be used in a 100m tower.

Both on site construction and laboratory tests carried out were successful and culminating the works in October 2014.