CLIENT: San Sebastian City Council
San Sebastián (Spain)

This project forms part of a wide operation to provide sports equipment, promoted by the municipal company Anoeta Kiroldegia, SA in the Anoeta complex. The programme included a sports centre, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and services building as well as an area of open air swimming pools for leisure use.
Formally, the programme involved the arrangement of a series of volumetrically very simple pieces next to the old Carmelo Balda building that contain the various sports installations.
A polycarbonate band runs around the entire perimeter at the top of the facing brick façades of the three volumes to provide general and uniform illumination inside the spaces.
The roof of the two large spaces – sports centre and swimming pool – consists of a modular steel structure. A framework of Warren type latticework beans defining modules square in plan with sides of 11 m supports structures in the form of umbrellas, covered on the exterior with sandwich panels or with glass fibre modules coated with Teflon to form large skylights and provide an attractive screened light.