ESTEYCO developed the preliminary architectural design of an “Active & Wellness” concept holiday resort in 2016, with a special focus on sustainability, and more specifically architectural, implementation and energy sustainability.

On the energy sustainability side, ESTEYCO ENERGÍA carried out the following engineering work:

  • Electric and thermal load/consumption study of the traditional holiday resort sector of canary island.
  • Electrical and thermal consumption reduction estimation prior to energy efficiency measures.
  • Establishment of different generation / consumption scenario. Scenario 1: Resort energy system is 100% off grid with 100% of on site renewable energy supply. Scenario 2: Resort energy system is connected to the grid but with limited power supply from the grid. 60-80% of on site renewable energy supply.
  • Viability study of thermal energy supply by solar thermal panels, geothermal and heat pump .
  • Integration philosophy of thermal load management system using heat/cold accumulators.
  • Solar resource study and AEP estimation for the photovoltaic power plant.
  • Preliminary design of the photovoltaic power plant for each consumption scenario.
  • Viability study of the holiday resort electrical system with storage using a hydraulic storage pumping plant, battery banks and  emergency diesel generators
  • Integration philosophy of smart-grid management of the electrical system.