During the storms of February 2020, the force of the sea caused a large hole in the dock of Zarautz Port, affecting the boats that are usually in the interior and damaging an area of the municipality that is much used and loved by its neighbors.

The Port of Zarautz is made up of a vertical protection dock and an also vertical counter dam, with a closing hammer that protects the small dock area. This hammer divides the port into two areas: the mooring area and the loading / unloading / play area. The hole opened in the dam between February 11 and 12 was about 22 meters long and about 4 meters high.

Once the damage has been analyzed, Zarautz City Council entrusts ESTEYCO with the drafting of the Emergency Repairs Project in the Zarautz Port Dock, with the aim of repairing the port as soon as possible and avoiding further damage, since part of the structure had remained in a precarious situation.

In the drafting of the Project, two main objectives have prevailed: on the one hand, to ensure the damaged dock from a structural point of view, recovering its original functionality, and on the other hand, to maintain its aesthetics, since the Port of Zarautz is a structure protected dating from the 19th century.

Once the Construction Project has been drawn up, the dock repair works begin in mid-May 2020, under the Construction Management of ESTEYCO and the execution of HARRI CONSTRUCCIONES Y MAMPOSTERIA, a company specialized in this type of works. Thanks to the great work and collaboration of both companies, as well as the support of the Zarautz City Council, the work has been completed on time and with a great final result, despite the difficulties that any maritime work entails and the current health situation.

Project and Construction Management: ESTEYCO


Developer: Zarautz City Council / Zarauzko Udala