TELWIND is a 3-year project supported by the EC H2020 program beginning in 2016. It consists of the development of a ground-breaking buoyant platform for offshore wind which allows to make a qualitative leap in the lowering of the construction and installation costs, thanks to its innovative system of telescopic tower and multi-body geometry of the buoyant substructure, where one of the bodies submerges ballasting the structure, improving the dynamic response and the stability of the whole.

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year project supported by the EC H2020
3.5 M
budget (€)


The ELICAN technology can significantly contribute to the industrialization capacity and cost competitiveness of an industry which is the key to improve EU energy security and to the gradual solving of global climate and energy challenges.

Significantly increased technology performance

Reducing life-cycle environmental impact

Improving EU Energy Security

Bringing cohesion, coherence and strategy in the development of new renewable energy technologies

Reducing renewable energy technologies installation time and costs

Increasing the reliability and lifetime while decreasing operation and maintenance costs.


The construction sector is the EU’s largest industrial employer with 15 million workers. However, it must be acknowledged that only a very small percentage of these employees are women and young people. 1.5 million construction workers in the European Union are female and 92% of all the sector’s workers are over 25 years old. Young women account for only 1% of those working in the sector.

Construction companies, as main actors in this field, must accept our own responsibility and implement all necessary measures to reverse this situation.

The ELICAN consortium is profoundly committed to gender equality. In order to achieve this purpose, different actions are being implemented by all partners.

At an individual level

  • Guaranteeing equal opportunities to men and women in terms of employment, promotion, salary, training, development and working conditions.
  • Promoting gender balance in decision-making positions including supervisory and managerial levels.
  • Avoiding gender discrimination resulting from maternity and paternity leave, marital status and working conditions.
  • Preventing sexual molestation by implementing a proper code of conduct and an action protocol to protect male and female employees.

At a consortium level

  • Assuring gender equality at all levels assigned to the project including supervisory and managerial levels.
  • Including our commitment to gender equality in our website

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