The ELICAN project is divided into 8 work packages (WP) covering from the design of the substructure to the installation and commissioning of the prototype on a real scale.

WP NumberWP TitleWP duration
(in months)
Project management1-36Coordination and administration of the different tasks carried out during the development of the present project and their corresponding work packages. The aim of the present activity is to carry out the project according to the defined scope, budget and schedule, ensuring the quality of overall project result by planning, organizing and controlling the integrated effort of the consortium and subcontractors involved in the project.
Substructure - Wind turbine integration1-18Integration between wind turbine and substructure in terms of the definition of the loads and interfaces, including its certification. In addition, metocean conditions will be analysed with the same purpose. This work package also covers the design of tower internals and secondary steel, as well as the design of power evacuation and grid connection.
Design of the substructure1-27To design the entire substructure, following the requirements of the turbine manufacturer and certification company, including special and/or new equipment and tools required during all the process during manufacturing and installation. This package has to run parallel to WP2, since they will generate crossed requirements.
of the demonstration prototype
1-39Manufacturing of the prototype, starting in the dry dock, and then placing the tower segments, installing the auxiliary buoyancy elements and finally the turbine. There is also an important part, which includes the manufacturing and installation of the moulds for the tower pieces. This is a key aspect of the project, since these pieces have to be very accurate to allow the telescopic erection.
Installation of the
substructure and turbine
at the final location
5-36Definition of all processes and equipment needed to place the prototype in its final position. It also covers the manufacturing of the auxiliary buoyancy elements, its installation, the transport, the process of ballasting and the solid ballast infill.
Monitoring and operational demostration8-39The activities carried out in this work package will test the behaviour of all involved elements and generate a valuable demonstration for the market of the reliability and readiness of the prototype. The instrumentation will measure a large number of parameters throughout the entire prototype, to compare the real behavior with the simulations and calculations.
Business case and Risk Analysis6-39Analysis of possible risks that could appear before or during the development of the project, as well as the study of the substructure overall cost. In addition, the present work package will carry out the business case and analyse the environmental and socioeconomic impact of the prototype.
Dissemination and Expoliation1-39Dissemination and exploitation of the technology developed, evaluating the costs related with the technology developed – both during the construction and installation and the operation and maintenance – in order to facilitate its commercialisation.