The Esteyo-Team UTE carries out the work of the ACO (Assistance for Construction Control) for ADIF in the works: “New emergency galleries in the tunnels of the Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastian high-speed line. Section: Vitoria- Bilbao “. The works are necessary to comply with the European Regulation that requires a maximum distance of 1,000 meters between safe areas in railway tunnels. Since the tunnels were already finished before the approval of said regulations, it is necessary to adapt them, providing them with emergency exits.

In total 7 emergency galleries will be made parallel to the corresponding tunnels, with a separation of 30 meters between the axis of the main tunnel and the axis of the gallery. The lengths of the galeries vary between 73m and 1,410m the longest. The 25 m2 section allows the circulation of medical and emergency vehicles inside.

The excavation method is the full section NMA (New Austrian method), establishing different types of support depending on the quality of the rock mass:

Type I Section, for land with RMR> 45. 3m pass, Gunitit with a thickness of 10 cm., 13 Swellex type bolts of 3m

Type II Section, for land with 25 <RMR> 45. 2m pass, Gunite with a thickness of 17 cm., 17 Swellex type bolts of 3m and trusses TH-21  type every meter.

Section type SG-B, for land with RMR <25. 1m pass, Gunite with 20 cm of thickness, 4 Swellex type bolts of 3m and trusses HEB-160 type every meter.

Finally, waterproofing is established by a 2 mm thick PVC sheet, and a finish of 20 cm with HM-30 concrete with a fiber content of 2.5 Kg / m3 on the lining. The lower sill is materialized with the same type of concrete with a thickness of 30 cm.

The works have been awarded to the company Obras Subterráneas, with a total amount of € 25,220,115 to be carried out in 27 months.