The last 3rd of March took place the presentation of the Manifesto for the development of offshore wind. This initiative is supported by more than 170 companies and entities that are linked to the sector and that also are representative of the entire value chain.
Nowadays, Esteyco continues to bet heavily on offshore wind power, and for that matter has joined the signing of the Manifesto.
This aims to promote the development of offshore wind power in Spain and puts across the need to speed up the development of the regulatory framework, so that Spain maintains its position as world leader in floating offshore wind power.
And, of the 27 offshore technologies identified in the world, 7 are Spanish. And of the 13 floating foundation solutions already installed, 11 have been manufactured in Spain.
Offshore wind is full of future. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), offshore wind will be half of wind generation in Europe by 2040. In Spain, the recently approved Roadmap for the Development of Offshore Wind and Marine Energy contemplates floating wind installation targets of up to 3 GW by 2030. And more ambitious objectives and targets are expected in horizons by 2040-2050.

Manifiesto por el desarrollo de la eólica marina en España