The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has awarded ESTYCO the contract for the Project of remodeling the crossings of N-234 and N-111 as they pass through the city of Soria.

The main objective of the project is to integrate the crossings into the city’s fabric since, at present, the road crossings are maintained in many sections and configurations with lane width dimensions and the presence of hard shoulders closer to interurban roads than to urban streets.

Thanks to the reduction of ‘passing by’ traffic, the construction of the bypasses of the outer ring road of Soria are taking place, and that allows a transformation of the crossings to achieve a greater and a better urban integration.

The criteria for the proposals of remodelation that have been followed are:

• Reduction in the width of the vehicle traffic lane to 3.20m when there is a single lane, and exceptionally 3.00m in the left lane and 3.20m in the
right lane when there is more than one traffic lane in each direction.

• Implementation of a 2.5 m wide bi-directional bike lane in the crossings of the N-234 and in Av. Eduardo Saavedra.

• Transformation of some of the current intersections of the crossings with the main roads of the city into roundabouts.

• Planting trees on the sidewalks and increasing urban greenery in the free spaces generated by the new layout of the road.

On September 6th, the City Council of Soria, with the presence of the Mayor of the city, Carlos Martínez, the Councilor for Urbanism, Luis Rey, and the General Director of Roads, Javier Herrero Lizano, presented the first fitting proposals of the remodeling of the crossings. The expected duration of the draft of the project is between 3 and 6 months, so that the works can be tendered by 2022.

Source image: El mirón de Soria