Esteyco participates in the ALTERA project whose objective is to develop a new battery concept, which would allow the storage of electric power from intermittent renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.).

The multidisciplinary nature of the research addressed in this project covers from thermal insulation technology to microwaves, through high-temperatures materials science and electric power harvesting using thermophotovoltaic technology. Within this framework, Esteyco participates in different fields as the design of a molten silicon container, performing simulations of its thermal and mechanical behavior to guarantee its integrity and to optimize its properties. Esteyco also participates in the conceptual development, detailed design, and experimental analysis of a series of furnaces used to demonstrate insulation technology based on increased reflectance. Likewise, Esteyco provides its extensive experience and knowledge related to the design of cutting-edge components that go beyond industrial standards.

This project aims to achieve stationary storage means (without moving parts) with lower CAPEX, boosting the penetration of renewable sources in the power supply. In addition, it pursues to reduce the use of limited natural resources by developing a battery with a longer lifespan, improved recyclability, and by using more abundant elements, non-strategic in conflict regions and less harmful to humans.
The ALTERA project is carried out by the consortium formed by Advanced Thermal Devices SL, Generaciones Fotovoltaicas de la Mancha SL, Nano4Energy SLNE and Silbat Energy Storage Solutions SL