These days the Wind Europe 2022 event is being held in Bilbao. It takes place from April 5 to 7 and is attended by more than 8,000 attendees, including the most relevant stakeholders in the energy sector at a European level.

Esteyco, as a benchmark in the wind sector, participates in the event with 4 conferences. On the one hand, José Serna, CTO of Esteyco, participates on Tuesday, April 5, in the Floating Wind Basque Country session (WindTalks) organized by the Basque Energy Cluster, in which the most relevant companies in the Spanish floating wind sector participated.

Likewise, José Serna presents on Wednesday, April 6, Esteyco’s most disruptive technologies in the field of offshore wind energy. On the one hand, the WHEEL technology (Conference: Wheel technology for offshore wind. Evolved spar floating platform) which consists of an innovative evolved spar floating platform for unparalleled reduction in floater width, harbour draft, material use and carbon footprint. And, on the other hand, the ATOMS technology (Conference: A game-changer system for offshore wind large corrective maintenance), an innovative system that will allow, for the first time, to carry out large corrective Operation and Maintenance (O&M) tasks in offshore wind towers without the need for large vessels, thus reducing the cost of O&M considerably.

Additionally, Eduardo Rodríguez-López, Analyst Engineer from Esteyco’s Structural Mechanics Department, participates on Wednesday, April 6, in the Floating Structures and Components session with the conference Time domain hydrodynamics at panel level: an application to the structural analysis of Telwind, where he presents a novel methodology developed by Esteyco to couple all the actions (hydrodynamics, structural, aerodynamics, control, etc.) that are applied over a FOWT concept.