ESTEYCO Foundation


Fundación Esteyco was founded in May 1991 to contribute to engineering and architectural progress in Spain. The precarious and uncertain situation in which independent engineering has been practised in the country to datehas required professionals to adopt essentially survival tactics.

The efforts of a growing group number of those professionals, with the support of governmental bodies, has nonetheless consolidated an activity whose services are imperative to a modern and efficient society.

The time has come to think about the future, trusting that it will soon be upon us.

Let us foster an atmosphere where creativity can thrive, where good work is both expected and appreciated.
Let us contribute to sound training in engineering, in the awareness that the value of an organisation lies in the value of its members and that in engineering, individual merit is measured in terms of expertise.
Let us encourage better and more frequent inter-professional partnering, eliminating unnecessary boundaries.

Let us claim a place of distinction for engineering in society, re-steering the prevalent get-the-job-done culture to a get-the-job-done right culture.
Let us regard engineering as an extension of the university, where young graduates consolidate their training in years that will be decisive for their future.
Let us value our independence, not as a weapon to be wielded against anyone, but essentially as an intellectual attribute trait in people whose job is to think, inform and decide freely.


MSc Civil Engineer

President of Fundación Esteyco