Paula Orejudo Prieto de los Mozos

Master M.Sc. in Structural Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2001.
MSc in Civil Engineering, concentration in Foundations and Structural Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, 2002.

Civil Engineer, concentration in Civil Constructions, from the Polytechnic School of Zamora and University of Salamanca, 1997.
She was awarded with the first prize to her final degree project by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Dragados Foundation for the “Puente de la Serna” project.

She has participated and managed several scientific research projects in various fields, including art and public works, which have won awards in national and international congresses and forums.
In Esteyco since February 2008, he was part of the structure team and, within it, she developed several road and railway projects. Later, after her arrival in Mexico in 2012, she worked with wind energy projects as Project Director. In 2019 she became Country Manager of Esteyco Mexico.

The most remarkable projects developed in Mexico are: Vientos del Altiplano Wind Farm (100 MW), Palo Alto Wind Farm (129 MW), Eólica del Sur Wind Farm (396 MW), Salitrillos Wind Farm (103 MW), Dolores Wind Farm (274 MW) , Cerro Iguana Wind Farm (200 MW). She has performed projects for the three Energy Auctions of Mexico, which have won: 1st Energy Auction: Villanueva Solar Plant, Don José Solar Plant, Tizimin Wind Farm. 2nd Energy Auction: Salitrillos Wind Farm, Guinaa Sicaru Wind Farm. 3rd Energy Auction: Villa Ahumada Solar Plant and Dolores Wind Farm.

After the tragic earthquake in Puebla, Mexico, on September 19th, 2017, that dramatically hit the City of México, she supported the structural assessment of multiple buildings damaged by the earthquake