Miguel Ángel Fernández Gómez

He was born in Madrid in 1948. I studied BSc in Civil Engineering in Madrid. I am married to Isabel Cabrera and we have two daughters and one son and, for now, two granddaughters and four grandsons.

Professionally speaking, I am a disciple of Javier Rui-Wamba with whom I have been working since the creation of Esteyco in 1970. Personally speaking, he is a friend.

All these 45 years, I have participated in most of the projects developed by Esteyco. Currently, my goal is to foster the development of the support infrastructure of wind turbines, onshore and offshore. Our project ELISA. Patron of the Esteyco Foundation, Board member of Esteyco, SWT and Incydo. In the last of my professional career, my objective is to guarantee Esteyco’s future in accordance with his Founder’s ideology.