Fernando Rueda Guglieri

Founder of the Structural Mechanics Division in Esteyco, his professional activity is mainly focused on the study and solution of non-conventional problems in the field of mechanical-structural engineering.
MSc in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, concentration in Foundations and Structures, year 1999. His professional career started at IDOM where he worked as an engineer for the Analysis and Advanced Design Division. In 2005 he became head of the division. Since then, he combined engineering services with definition and implementation of the division’s global strategy which required technical, commercial, financial and team skills. He joined Esteyco in 2014 to found the Structural Mechanics Division. His main goal was to create a high-qualified and multidisciplinary team to provide added-value advance technical services.
For the last two decades, he has worked for different sectors such as aerospace, construction, nuclear generation, defense, renewable energies and transport. In the last years, it is worth mentioning his experience in the field of nuclear fission in which he has lead numerous studies, analyses and design. These works include not only ITER main infrastructures but also some of its most important equipment (including the Tokamak reactor or the design of two European TBM concepts). Furthermore, he is author and co-author of over thirty conferences and articles in journal, courses and congresses.