Diego Sisí Maestre

MSc Civil Engineer by the University Politécnica of Madrid. During his whole professional path, since his beginning in 2005 at FHECOR Consulting Engineers, he has work in structural design, mainlly bridges, but also other civil structures such as tanks, underground works, etc. He has design railway bridges (High Speed Railway), highway and pedestrian bridges, by using both classic and innovative materials: concrete, carbon steel, fibergrass reinforced polymer (GRFP).

In 2009 joins Pedelta as a designer, where he develops projects from Spain as well as from US, Canada, Brasil, Peru, Equatorial Guinea, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, etc. so he has used the main local and international regulations and recommendations related to structural design (AASHTO, CAN-CSA, Eurocode, CCP-200-94, FIB Model Code, PTI, AWS, etc).

His collaboration on bridge designing has been during all phases: Informative Studies and Constructive Projects, performance of Structures Supervision, Construction Technical Assistance, Consultancy, Project writing and Restoration Projects, even demolition projects, but mainly constructive projects and construction technical assistance.

Between the outstanding projects in which he has been involved, the following projects highlight: the tighten viaduct of Arbizelai, the extension of Los Santos Bridge (Ribadeo-Vegadeo), Cáscara walkway over the Manzanares River in Madrid, Caja Mágica (Madrid), mixed bridges of Bucaramanga (Colombia) and Cruz Laca (Perú), slab bridge of Mansiche (Trujillo, Perú), successive corbel bridges of Juntas (Colombia), Flandes bridge over Magdalena river (Colombia) and Corcova bridge (Colombia), tighten bridge of Hisgaura (Colombia), tighten bridges of Oyala (Equatorial Guinea), stainless steel footbridge of Fort York (Toronto), Museo do Amanha (Río de Janeiro), viaducts drawer shaped at Zabaleta Sur, Goikoa and Zumelegui (HS line, Elorrio stretch), restoration of the Monistrol factory bridge (Barcelona), several subway stations at Toronto and Ryhad, etc.

In 2017 joins Esteyco Energy as director of structures production, coordinating the project development in foundations as well as in towers of prestressed concrete. Remarking his involvement in the development of the foundation patented by Esteyco: the precast angle brace, as well as in the development of hybrid towers for Nordex-Acciona Windpower and telescopic towers for General Electric and Jinke (China).