Last August, AES Gener entered the so-called Terra Energía Renovable, a hybrid and renewable generation project into the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA), which includes the installation of a total of 862MW.

Located in the Antofagasta region, the new generation plant integrates, in an innovative way and for the sake of sustainability and maximum efficiency, wind, photovoltaic solar and energy storage technology (batteries).

In this way, the wind farm will have an installed power of 350MW (50 wind towers with 7MW machines) and the solar will do so with 513MW including bifacial panel technology (above 1,000,000!) And with an N-S tracker.

The initiative will involve an investment of around 750MUSD and it is expected that it can become operational in 2022.

Esteyco participates and accompanies AES Gener in the technical development of this project in an integral way: from its conception to its start-up. That is why we are delighted to achieve this key milestone for the project and for AES Gener in Chile.