Civil works and installations

Beyond the classical engineering disciplines, at Esteyco we are aware of just how important another type of infrastructure that is often not visible and is certainly not striking: networks. Properly resolving drainage, lighting or power supplies; designing the facilities for a tunnel or a building in accordance with the most stringent energy-efficiency criteria; applying new systems such as cold–heat networks, aerothermal or geothermal systems. And doing this in a coordinated way, with permanent liaison right from the start with other disciplines involved, such as route planning, structure or geotechnics.

At Esteyco we insist on designing for building, and we view the design as the virtual works, thereby avoiding any of the unpleasant surprises that may come to light once the works have been completed and the damage caused is irreversible.

Installations at Glorias tunnels, Barcelona

Replacement of Claperós collector drain, Barcelona

LNG tank in Gujarat, India

LED lighting for Barcelona ring roads

Heating and cooling network, Districlima

Water permeability, central rail corridor, Colombia

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