Developmental engineering

We have evolved to be able to provide our services across the whole value chain of a renewables project: from selecting and optimising sites to the development strategy, infrastructure assessment, project structuring, obtaining licences and stakeholder management.

Esteyco is also the first and only developer of marine wind power to date in Spain. This unique experience, together with our knowledge of the sector and the availability of our own technology that can be adapted to varying conditioning factors, has encouraged us to work with the appropriate partners to seek new opportunities and structure projects right from the start, on the understanding that we are not developers and that our role is always a consulting one.

This model has already been successfully put to the test in Chile, where we identified a number of wind and photovoltaic-solar projects, launched them and then developed them jointly with our clients, assuring the engineering firm and a success fee when the projects were commissioned. A good example of this is the hybrid Terra Energía Renovable project in Antofagasta for renewable generation, which involves the innovative installation of a total of 862 MW (250 MW wind, 513 MW photovoltaic, with battery storage), with a view to achieving sustainability and maximising efficiency.

Joint development of the Terra Energia Renovable wind farm in Antofagasta

Development-support engineering for the Oitis wind-energy complex in Brazil

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