This is the headline of the interview with Javier Nieto, Esteyco offshore manager, in the article published today in El País “Wind with an increasing value. The onshore and offshore wind farms attract the interest of investors to a technically more reliable source “, in the Energy and Environment supplement.

In March, the first offshore wind turbine prototype of Spain started to operate. The prototype has been built by a consortium led by Esteyco, in front of the Gran Canaria coast, with ELISA technology, within the ELICAN project. It is the first in southern Europe supported on the seabed and the first in the world without using large and expensive boats for the installation neither of the foundation structure nor of the tower, which is telescopic.
Nieto, who remembers that the cost of energy in the islands is three times greater than in the Peninsula, explains that The Canary Islands, where the wind blows strong, is a natural destination to launch the Spanish offshore.

It is a growing market, innovative and attractive for investors. In Spain there are some scores, so far not materialized, in the Canary archipelago, while the Basque Country works towards the offshore in their coast. “We are talking about very long processes; Although this year it has been started the first application for a project. It would take four or five years to see it, ” says Nieto.

Wind power. Wind with increasing value