Javier Rui-Wamba


ESTEYCO was born in January 1970 and since then we have been offering professional, independent and quality services.

Our main objective has always been the selection and consolidation of an integrated human team with extensive and solid expertise and equipped with modern and efficient working tools.

We understand our work as a profession which is chosen by vocation. We are aware that the quality of our services is the guarantee of our future, which we believe is manifested in the fruit of our work and in the style of our professional relationships.

We have a solid, independent, flexible and truly multidisciplinary organization that allows us to deal with a wide variety of activities.

Furthermore, we have created a valuable network of stable partnerships with other highly specialized teams that integrate naturally into ours, completing and expanding our resources when the nature of the demanded service requires it.

The final quality of an investment in infrastructure depends on the quality of the service provided by the Engineering Firm in the conception, planning, design and management of public or private investments. Our vast experience and our current configuration allows us to successfully handle the integral management of projects and works for industry, energy and the environment. Our team also adapts to new forms of professional intervention such as "project management" or "design and built".

For years we have promoted a genuine generational change with the indispensable help of the seniors so that Esteyco can last over time and maintain its values which we consider to be our hallmarks.

We have diversified functionally and geographically. We have set up permanent offices in United Estates, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. At the appropriate time we identified the increasing interest in a field with as much future as the wind energy. Today we are an international reference in this sector, with increasing activities in numerous countries. We are always on the lookout for other forms of energy and issues related to transport logistics in all its aspects.

There are many countries such as Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, France, India, Iraq, Iran and Qatar among others, in which we have left a lasting impression.

The Esteyco Foundation that we created more than 30 years ago is also a benchmark in our professional community and continues to be an instrument designed to consolidate a lasting future for those who, working with me, have made it possible for us to remain faithful to the motto that has always been presided over our professional work:

“Esteyco: working to learn, learning to work”.


MSc Civil Engineer

President and Founder of Esteyco and the Esteyco Foundation.


National Prize of Civil Engineering granted by the Ministry of Public Works.


Medal Idelfonso Cerdà 2015 of the Colegio de Caminos, Canales y Puertos de Cataluña.


Ale Heavylift awarded him the “Whole Life” award.


Miembro de la Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.


Receive the medal of Honor from the College of Roads, Channels and Ports.


First elected member of the young Academy of Engineering. Discourse of entry: “Structural aphorisms that can be useful to understand certain behaviors of human beings”.


The College of Roads, Channels and Ports of Madrid grants the Professional Merit Medal.


Durante 17 años, hasta 1991, fue Profesor de Estructuras y Puentes Metálicos en la Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos de Madrid.


Receive the medal of the Spanish Technical Association of Prestressed (ATEP).


Esteyco cover.


He worked in Paris, in the outstanding engineering that had been created around Freyssinet.


Promotion of Roads at the Madrid School of Retirement Paths.


He was born in Gernika and last 33 of the 32 turned 74 years Fahrenheit.