LEANWIND (Logistic Efficiencies And Naval architecture for Wind Installations with Novel Developments) is an EU 7th Framework Programme Project wich seeks to apply lean principles to the offshore wind farm project lifecycle. The primary LEANWIND objective is to provide cost reductions across the offshore wind farm lifecycle and supply chain through the application of lean principles and the development of state of the art technologies and tools.

In 2017, ELICAN started to collaborate with Leanwind Project. Both projects can share tools and validation data based on real offshore trials to be performed on the ELICAN 5 MW full clae demonstrator in the Canary Islands.

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AEE TowerPower

Coordinated by the cluster Capenergies, the TOWERPOWER project is a 3 year project co-financed by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme which objective is to create a Continuous Structural Monitoring (CSM) system that provides real-time structural analysis of the wind turbine tower structure through a novel integration of NDT techniques and advanced electronic communication.

In line with this objective the ELICAN Offshore wind full-scale prototype will serve as the demonstrator to test and to validate the structural health monitoring prototype system which has been developed within the TowerPower project. The Consortium is interested in studying the repercussions of background noise due to weather conditions (wind, rain…) and also due to wind turbine rotation induced vibrations as well as the capability of acoustic sensors to detect cracks and crack propagations within the turbine structure.

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